Non-profit Organisations: Managing the Internet

The internet offers many opportunities and pitfalls for non-profit organisations. These articles discuss many that I’ve come across over the years as a web developer and editor of

5 Reasons Support Groups Should Be Wary of Social Media.

Over the years I’ve seen a gradual shift in support groups using Facebook groups to supplement their websites and sometimes to replace them altogether. A quick search of the internet comes up with countless articles about how and why they should do this, with nary a dissenting view. But I can think of at least 5 important reasons to be wary.

Website Pitfalls for NFP Organisations

The internet offers many opportunities for non-profit organisations… and many pitfalls. These are some of the common problems I have seen over the years. Burst of enthusiasm followed by an out-of-date or empty website. Initial discussions are often exciting – “We could do this… or that… and have these bells and whistles.” Then the hard [...]