Background of Performance or Affiliate Marketing – 3

Industry Participants

These are some of the types of online businesses that have developed.

  • Mainstream media – moving across to digital, trying to protect their patch against the newcomers
  • Advertising and media agencies – adding digital to their existing services and skills, trying to protect their patch against the newcomers
  • Yellow pages etc, trying to protect their patch against the newcomers
  • Smaller publishers – directories, blogs, special interest sites – often use affiliate programs and adsense to monetise their sites. The win-win relationship between these publishers and advertisers is very difficult to achieve and maintain.  They are not partners but are independent parties (check the contracts), yet they work together and share data.
  • Google – ppc, adwords / adsense, bought an affiliate network (and closed in down in 2013.)
  • Aggregators –,,,
  • Affiliate networks – Commission Junction (USA) Affiliate Window (UK), DGM, Viva9 – Commission Monster, clixgalore
  • Non-publishing affiliates – ppc affiliates, email affiliates, domainers, adware – often use affiliate networks to monetise
  • Price comparison sites –, – usually ppc
  • Deal sites – groupon, cudo, etc.
  • Permission marketing – grows email databases of people who agree to accept promotional emails –
  • Web developers, SEO (search engine optimisation) services, SEM (search engine marketing) services
  • Facebook – social media
  • Westfield – is this advertising, online shopping centre, aggregator, or something else?  Who does fulfillment? Who does customer service?  Who owns the customer? How does this compare to  Both these companies have affiliate programs they use to buy traffic.
  • Tracking and Audience Measurement Services
  • Advertiser – The advertiser has to support all of the above out of their profit.  Many larger businesses/websites have staff to manage seo, sem and affiliate programs. Most advertisers also maintain their own websites, newsletters, databases etc – eg real estate agent’s site v &
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