Home – Why Online Encounters?

If you think online encounters are just about romance and sex, think again. Just about everything you do on the internet is an encounter requiring a degree of care as you assess who and what you are dealing with.

The dangers shouldn’t keep you away… you just need to approach each and every online encounter with an appropriate degree of caution.

The internet is a place full of opportunities and dangers. The dangers shouldn’t keep you away because you could miss out on a lot personally, and your business could be left behind completely – you just need to approach each and every online encounter with an appropriate degree of caution.

For businesses and non-profit organisations, the challenges include evaluating the competing expert advice, deciding how to take advantage of the opportunities, and how to identify and avoid the pitfalls.

For individuals, there is a wealth of information, mixed with lots of misinformation, educational opportunities, opportunities to keep in touch with families and friends, and to meet new people. Challenges include evaluating information, privacy concerns and working out who to trust – just an extension to real life.

Articles here are based on my experiences online, creating websites for business and non-profit organisations, creating our own online marketing websites, and personal use including discussion groups and MOOCS (massive open online courses).