I’ve been publishing websites since the dark ages – when pages were plain text on grey pages. Then we got fonts and colours, and images too. As well as watching the technology and practices around websites and other internet services develop, I’ve seen business models develop, evolve and collapse as people adopt and try to exploit this new medium.

Long before that, I worked in the IT world of mini and mainframe computers with systems that performed accounting and business functions. Those were the days of punched cards, magnetic tape and disk drives the size of washing machines… and when data was taken seriously. Computers were the province of the select few.

Fast forward through a degree in communications and cultural studies, then developing online sites and strategies for small businesses and organisations, I moved into selling advertising on our own sites, mainly BCL.com.au. Mostly this is done on a performance basis under the much-maligned (and sometimes deservedly so) banner of affiliate marketing.

In 2013, the online advertising world shifted with a combination of “big data” and the shift to mobile and multiple devices. These changes have exacerbated the flaws in the affiliate/performance business model. The disrupters have become the disrupted.

Gayle Dallaston